ImageMagick Notes:


Mogrify edits the image, while convert creates an new one.

mogrify -path ../thumbs -resize 200 ./*.*
Create a copy of every image in the current directory, resizing
it to 200 pixels, keeping the aspect ratio, saving it in
the ../thumbs directory. If you wanted to keep aspect ratio by
height use: -resize x200

display -size 1280x1024 -window root cool-pick.png
Set background in cygwin X11

convert -delay 50 -loop 0 ./*.jpg -resize 350 ./thumbs/fake-fun-ani.gif
Create an animated gif from some jpgs. Resize by width

convert -delay 50 -loop 0 ./*.png -resize x200 -set dispose previous ./thumbs/porkie-short-ani.gif
Remove previous frames so animation is refreshed at every frame, else will see first frame up to last frame,
if the pictures are not all the same dimensions.

convert cartoon-006.jpg  -flop -quality 100 cartoon-006_2.jpg
-flop = flip image horizontally

convert -rotate 90 2398_592545287706_3950_n.jpg ../2398_592545287706_3950_n.jpg
Rotate an image clockwise 90 degrees. -90 for ccw.
90\< = Rotate only if height is less than width 
90\> = Only rotate if width is less than height

ls *.jpg | feh -A "mv %f ccw/%n"
List all jpgs in current directory and pipe them to feh.
While cycling through pics hit enter to move them to a folder called ccw.
Was using this to seperate pics that need to be rotated counter-clockwise
vs clockwise. Then use mogrify to batch rotate them:
mogrify -rotate -90 *.jpg

jpegtran -rot 90 -trim 21063_1255120892478_17412_n.jpg > ../21063_1255120892478_17412_n.jpg
Rotate an image with jpeg tran. Use 270 for counter-clockwise.