A couple cider notes:


;; One way to find out what version of cider you are
;; running is to start cider up in emacs and read
;; the message at the top of the repl buffer.

;; Connected to nREPL server - nrepl://localhost:42172
;; CIDER 0.13.0snapshot (package: 20160512.536), nREPL 0.2.12
;; Clojure 1.8.0, Java 1.8.0_92

;; Start a clojure repl ;;

; cd /some/location
; lein new plajround
;;; Create a leiningen project to connect to

; M-x cd /same/location/leiningen/created/above
; C-x C-f project.clj
; M-x cider-jack-in
;;; Open a file from the leiningen project and then
;;; run cider to start a repl for that project. 

; C-c C-q
;;; Quit cider repl

; M-x cider-view-manual
;;; To read the manual

; C-h m
;;; List available keybindings

; ,
;;; Typing comma as first char on line will invoke
;;; a prompt to enter a command to the repl

; C-c C-z
;;; Switch between clojure file and repl

; M-.
;;; Jump to source of var, java method, etc

; C-c C-d C-d
;;; View the documentation for something

;;; eldoc-mode can be enabled to display function
;;; and method signatures in minibuffer?? (never tried)

; M-x customize-group cider
;;; Get a feel for possible customization options

; M-x cider-drink-a-sip
;;; Displays tips of the day

; M-x cdier-report-bug
;;; If you are an exterminator