tmux commands:


^b ?
show keybindings

tmux new
tmux new-session

3 ways to start new session

tmux attach
tmux attach-session

attach to a running session

tmux attach -d
tmux attach-session -d

detach session from elswhere and then attach

^b d
^b :dettach

dettach session

^b c
create new window

^b , anyNameUDesire
^b :rename-window nameOfChoice

rename a window

^b w
list tmux windows

^b (0-9)
switch to window of choice

^b l
switch back to last window

^b n
switch to next window

^b p
switch to previous window

^b [ enters copy mode (can scroll up in this mode)

^b s
tmux ls

lists tmux sessions

^b : swap-window -s 1 -t 0
# Swap window 1 with window 0
# -s source window # -t destination window