screen commands:


^a d
detaches screen from shell

screen -list
list detached sessions

screen -raAd
reattach resize with aA and detach before reattaching if nessacary

^a Esc
^a [
enter copy/scrollback mode, which enables you to scroll up and down. Hit q to get out.

^a "
^a w

list windows

^a ?
shows list of commands

^a n
^a p

move to next and previous windows

^a 0-9
switch to window

^a c
create new window

^a K

kill window

^a A
^a t
^a T

Title window

^a S
split window

^a X
remove split

^a j
^a k

focus down, focus up

^a -
^a =

decrease/increase window region by 5

^a Q