OSX bypass login:


Logon to OSX without knowing password or having install disk.

Boot into single user mode by, powering the system and holding down Command-s until you see the system booting inside a black screen.
Mount the system with write access: ***make sure to put the "/" at the end of the command
/sbin/mount/ -uw / 

Now delete the XML install setup file .AppleSetupDone this will be recreated at next boot and prompt for new user configurations.
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

Reboot the system:
shutdown -r now

Once the system reboots, you'll be asked to fill out several annoying surveys, one of which will be a chance to create a new user.

Once you are back in the system you may not have access to your old User's folders. If this is the case you will need to chown the old folders to your new user. Open up a terminal (can be found under utilities) and type:
sudo chown -R newUserName /Users/oldUserName

It will ask for password, use the password of the newly created user.