FreeBSD suckstem beep:


There are several ways to turn off the system beep|bell:
Turn off system beep outside X11
Turn off system beep inside X11
Turn off system beep globally (including reboots)

Turn off the system beep in the terminal without X11 use:
kbdcontrol -b off

Turn beep on outside X11:
kbdcontrol -b 100.100

The 100.100 stands for duration:pitch. 10.1, 50.50, 20.40 would be other valid choices. You can definetly come up with a cooler sound than the default.

Turn beep off in X11:
xset b 0

Add xset b 0 to .xintrc to turn off on startx

Turn beep on in X11:
xset b 1

You can choose from 1-100 with xset -b

View the bell settings with sysctl before turning off system beeps globally:
sysctl hw | grep bell
hw.syscons.bell: 1

Turn off bell until reboot
sysctl hw.syscons.bell=0
hw.syscons.bell: 0

To change the bell to 0 and keep the setting through a restart, add this line to /etc/sysctl.conf