FreeBSD accound has expired:


Root locked out on freeBsd. After managing user accounts with kUser various users accounts may become expired, including root. Attempts to login as root are confronted with this error:
pam_acct_mgmt(): user accound has expired
login incorrect

# chfn root
Reveals that root account expires in 1969.

Reboot then choose command line option or escape to loader prompt during boot count sequence.

# unload all
# load kernel

# boot -s


Hit enter at shell prompt

# mount -t ufs -a

***readWriteMounts fileSystems derived from etc/fstab-*

# vipw
***opens the password file with vi-*

Edit the userExpirationFlags from   :-1:   to   :0:   and save.

# passwd root
# pwd_mkdb /etc/master.passwd

# exit
***returns to multiUserMode-*

Login then REBOOT!

***You could also try this:-*
If your bios supports rolling back to a date before 1969, you might give that a try first!