Don't touchpad me:


When using a laptop sometimes the touchpad starts supervising where it thinks you should be. This is especially annoying when typing in a document, and next thing you know you are in a new location. There are at least three reasons this happens: your hands/thumbs accidently tap the touchpad, while you have tapping turned on; Your WM has window focus set and as you are typing in gradually makes its way to another window; While you are typing both thumbs happen to graze the touchpad at the same time. This last one can really freak some touchpads out, even when tapping is turned off. You can test this out by resting a left handed finger on the left side of the touch pad and rubbing a righty on the other side.

In a tiling window manager such as i3 you can go to the config and turn off mouse focus. Although I find when rubbing the touchpad with both hands accidently, the window with the mouse over it will start to scroll. Hence the Fn+F7 trick to disable it completely.

On an Acer Aspire laptop, you can hit: Fn+F7 to disable/enable the touchpad all together. This is ingenius and is what I use. This works under linux as well. Nowadays most manufacturers have this feature; although it may have a diffent key combo.

On windows you can go to your touchpad properties and turn of tapping. This will usually suffice. There are other options to turn off also, if you want more disabled.

With a tiling window mangager and a keyboard based web browser, such as qutebrowser, there is little room for them mices.