Source Code

This is just a template for a home page!
This page is not currently auto generating the list below. Using the code from the gallery it should be easy to adapt it to. Eventually I will autoGen it.

This gallery currently uses two scripts. The file names are listDir.php and soloImg.php . Create two folders in the same folder as the two scripts. One called thumbs and the other images. Put your thumbs in thumbs and the big images in images. The images and thumbs are spit out in alphabetical order. As long as they are named the same in both folders they should line up. listDir.php will spit out 15 pictures per page. soloImg.php shows the single images when the thumb is clicked. The name of the folder you put your pics in will be titled on the top of the page. Oh yeah! No spaces in folder or picture names.

Click the logosLink below to see the image gallery in action!